Photography Prices
Mini Shoot - 30Min and editing - $300*
1-hour shoot  editing - $450*
2-hour shoot and editing - $660*

Videography Prices
Either On Location or in my Studio
any length of shoot requires setup time and editing
and is best to make contact and discuss details for an accurate quote. 
Simple short shoots start at $550 including Pre Production and Post Production.
Most shoots over 30 min or events require more Pre and Post Production work therefore are priced from $1500 

We don't do packages, what I shoot and edit is yours Royalty Free to own and print as you please.** 
You are commissioning me to shoot what you wish, in return you're charged a suitable fee.
I charge for my time, this includes travel to and from the shoot location, setup time, the shoot itself and editing.
A typical family portrait shoot with several poses can take between 30-90 minutes with around 50 to 100 Photos taken and I will edit and provide approximately 20 images*** Royalty Free for secure download. 

For a larger group of people or corporate shoot, this requires more time to capture and therefore more images to edit. I am happy to discuss details and provide a quote. 
Please make contact for a quote for multi-day shoots or for any other queries. 
Upon booking, a non-refundable $100 deposit will be requested.**** The remainder of the fee will be due prior to the delivery of your full resolution JPG images via secure download.

*All prices are in Australian Dollars and may change without notice.
**Royalty Free means you own your images for non-commercial use only. Green Media retains the copyright. 
*** This estimation depends on the co-operation of the subjects and the number of total compositions taken.
**** The deposit covers the cost of late cancellations and is non-refundable. The deposit is included in the above-estimated quotes or a tailor written quote.

Thank you for considering 
Green Media - Videography, Photography and Audio Engineering by Adrian Green
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